MSIG at Lloyd’s is one of the leading providers of specialist liability coverage in the UK and internationally.

As the specialty liability hub for our parent group, Syndicate 3210 operates independently via Lloyd’s licences and the group’s own direct licences. This makes our proposition truly global. Backed by the financial strength of both our parent company and the Lloyd’s chain of security, our financial strength is one of our major attractions.

The strength of our balance sheet and our expectation of long-term positive returns gives even the most security-conscious buyers the peace of mind that we will be here to pay claims in years to come.

We are proud of the fact that our underwriters are empowered and take a solution-driven approach; we will always consider risks that other carriers may consider too unusual, complicated or severe and if there is a way to build a successful solution, we’ll find it. These are just some of the ways we set ourselves apart from the competition.

Some of our key strengths that we believe set us apart from the competition are:

Product Development
Our underwriters are solution-driven and if there is no existing suitable product or we believe there is a better way, we will work collaboratively with customers brokers and coverholders to develop a product. Recent achievements in this field include a specialist cross-class maritime security wording, creating a specific solution for an industry which was previously underserved by general liability wordings. We are constantly evolving to meet customers’ needs; for example, we recently developed an offshore energy capability to complement our existing onshore book.

Embracing Technology - MS-sign
As the world changes, we recognise the need to move with the times and find new ways to bring business to the Lloyd’s market. One way we’re achieving this is the development of a proprietary rate, quote and bind online platform (MS-sign) that allows customers, brokers and coverholders to input underwriting information, obtain a quote and bind cover in real time.

This is the perfect solution for high-volume, low value business that otherwise would not be cost-effective to write from London, creating new income streams for us and our London and local partners.

The platform is already live for some of our Canadian coverholders and it can be tailored to suit any territory where we or Lloyd’s are licensed.

Our underwriters travel extensively. We understand the importance of meeting customers, coverholders and local brokers face-to-face and strengthening the relationships of our UK and international brokers.

Syndicate 3210 has been offering liability products since 2000 and has built a strong reputation as a major player in the Lloyd’s UK and International Casualty space.

In 2014 our General Liability and Employers’ Liability GWP reached £71m. Our GWP has been growing since 2010 and now puts us into the top six Casualty syndicates at Lloyd’s. We will continue to seek sustainable, profitable growth and our record speaks for itself; our liability book has made a profit every year for the past seven years.

With a $65m/£32.5m line, a broad appetite and a team of expert underwriters, we are a market of choice for our business partners. We currently offer:

  • Primary, Umbrella and Excess Liability
  • Public Liability
  • Products Liability

We continue to develop international business which finds its way to London due typically to its complexity, coverage requirements or a need for substantial policy limits.

Our underwriters have built up knowledge of the nuances of different socio-legal systems around the world and how this affects the placement of both Employers Liability business as well as Public and Products Liability and whilst we tend to see predominantly excess of loss business on either a direct or reinsurance basis we are equally comfortable underwriting primary business.

Clients from less developed territories also fits our appetite and we work with brokers and clients alike to understand each accounts risk profile and underwrite it accordingly.

Key sectors for us are:

  • Public administration
  • Bluechip companies
  • Utility companies
  • Transportation
  • Oil and gas
  • Niche coverholders

Syndicate 3210 has been offering Professional Indemnity products since 2000 – providing tailored underwriting solutions for both individuals and businesses. We offer a number of industry-specific products to both traditional and emerging market professions on a primary or excess of loss basis.

We also have the ability to offer bespoke solutions, often working in conjunction with colleagues in other departments, to develop multi-line products aimed at niche industry sectors. We currently offer professional indemnity to a wide range of business classes including:

  • Accountants
  • Architects
  • Design & Construct
  • Engineers
  • Estate Agents
  • Information Technology
  • Management Consultants
  • Media and Marketing
  • Miscellaneous professions
  • Security
  • Solicitors (Excess of £10m)

Our maximum line size is £10m.

We work closely with our Healthcare, Directors’ & Officers’, Casualty and Accident & Health teams and have many proven successes in writing cross-class deals. Our brokers often praise our willingness and ability to put together a bespoke product where there is no existing solution.

Syndicate 3210 has been offering Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance on a Primary and Excess basis since 2013. In that time the book of business has grown through varied distribution channels such as Delegated Authorities, Broker Facilities and open market placements.

In addition to the D&O led product offering we have the capability to underwrite Employment Practices Liability, Fiduciary Liability, Commercial Crime, Public Offering Securities Insurance and Financial Institution Professional Indemnity.

The team of three led by Andy Pecover, operates out of the MSIG London office and the Lloyds Building at Box 379 on the third gallery. With over 30 years of combined experience in the London insurance market the team focuses on high service levels and customised solutions for its clients.

Through the Lloyds of London platform we have the ability to underwrite business in 80 plus countries including those domiciled in North America. All capacity provided is through the Lloyds Syndicate and is in addition to any other capacity provided by our parent company removing any distribution conflicts with local offices.

We have a broad appetite across all industry sectors for public and private companies including those with American Depositary Receipts and full US security listings. Financial Institution’s such as Commercial Banks, Investment Banks, Insurance Companies, Brokerages and Investment Companies can also be considered on an excess basis.

Primary and excess layers can be written on a 100% or co-insurance basis with Lloyds of London capacity available up to £15m / US$25m / €20m or currency equivalent per risk.

We also lead and manage the largest London D&O Consortium with £45m / US$75m / €60m capacity for Commercial risks including those with American Depositary Receipts and full US security listings. The Consortium is supported by five established Lloyds of London syndicates with financially strong parent companies.

At MSIG at Lloyd's, we offer a flexible underwriting approach to all Accident and Health business.

We write all our business through the Syndicate and differentiate ourselves by the service levels we provide both from an underwriting and claims perspective. Our underwriting appetite is broad across all occupational classes and we seek to find solutions to both our brokers and clients, with a flexible and proactive approach to business.

General cover provided is:-

  • Accidental Death, Permanent Total Disablement, Capital Benefits and weekly disablement benefits (accident and sickness)
  • Business Travel including Medical Expenses, Travel Disruption (cover for natural disaster events such as volcanic ash provided), Property, Money and a host of other benefits where we have partnered with Healix International (our chosen Medical Assistance provider) and The ANVIL Group (our chosen Security Assistance provider) to enhance our product capability and offering
  • Strong appetite for UK Group Personal Accident and Business Travel written on our own UK Group PA and BT product
  • Lloyd's Binding Authorities
  • International Lloyd's Direct and Facultative business
  • Associations and affinity groups

We strive to build long term relationships with our business partners/brokers and have autonomy for our own decision making. We have excellent security and capacity which enable us to provide a solution to a broad range of industry sectors.

We have a broad appetite for general Healthcare exposures, which is based on both the existing portfolio here at MSIG at Lloyd’s and a desire to expand this further, both domestically and internationally.

Given our £32.5m line capacity, we are well-equipped to write a broad range of Healthcare risks and exposures, both from the wholesale and retail markets. We currently provide, in the UK and internationally, for a range of Healthcare clients, both individuals and entities:

  • Primary, Umbrella, and Excess Liability
  • Public, and Products Liability (incl. Pharmaceutical Liability)
  • Clinical trial cover
  • Employers Liability
  • Stand alone Medical Malpractice cover

We work closely with our Directors’ & Officers’, Professional Indemnity and Accident & Health teams and have many proven successes in writing cross-class deals. Our brokers often praise our willingness and ability to put together a bespoke product where there is no existing solution.

Key Contacts

Avraam Avraam

Class Underwriter - Healthcare
Mob: (+44) 7850 747 944
Desk: (+44) 20 3162 8386

Mark Iceton

Class Underwriter - Liability
Mob: (+44) 7890 526 756
Desk: (+44) 20 7702 6302

Martin Leeks

Class Underwriter -
Liability/Accident & Health
Mob: (+44) 771 413 7745
Desk: (+44) 20 7977 8333

Andy Pecover

Class Underwriter – Directors' & Officers'
Mob: (+44) 7736 771 844
Desk: (+44) 20 3014 7949

Stuart Wood

Class Underwriter - PI
Mob: (+44) 7909 923 466
Desk: (+44) 20 7977 8336

I've been part of the UK & International liability team at MSIG as the Class Underwriter for Healthcare since May 2014, having previously underwritten Healthcare and associated lines at different syndicates in Lloyd’s, and I was also a Lloyd’s broker prior to that. I have over 25 years of market experience, with the majority of it being in the Healthcare and Medical Malpractice arena with a strong interest in the Aesthetic and Cosmetic Practitioner market. The ability to expand the existing Healthcare book going forward with a true cross class offering appealed to me and to my decision to join the MSIG Casualty Team. The autonomy in Underwriting that the role gives me was appealing to me when making the transition from my previous employer and this has been very quickly realised since joining MSIG given my involvement with the online underwriting and placement program, namely, MS-sign.
I joined MSIG in 2006, with the responsibility to establish an International Casualty account. My background has always been in Casualty but has covered UK business, Reverse Flow business, Multinational business and International. Joining MSIG provided me with my first insight into the Lloyd’s framework and the advantages that the Lloyd’s licences bring along with opportunities to write Coverholder business which now forms a significant part of my portfolio. Our excellent Casualty team continues to grow and each acquisition brings new opportunities to diversify and strengthen our proposition as we find new territories to trade in and innovative products and ways to trade with them. We also take pride in developing our own talent by promoting from within. Allied to the Lloyd’s platform, our parent’s balance sheet behind us provides a chain of security that is a serious proposition for us to present to clients across the world.
I joined MSIG at Lloyd’s in August 2011 to predominantly run the UK Casualty portfolio but my role has continued to expand and now includes oversight of our Worldwide Casualty Healthcare book and management of our Accident and Health portfolio. I have been underwriting in the London casualty market for over 25 years and have written a range of Primary and Excess, UK, International and US business as well as developing Multinational portfolio’s. Over my career I have built up a good understanding of a significant number of key trades and professions and got to grips with the processes undertaken within them to better understand the risks that each one presents and being able to align this with the right programme design and coverage. We have an excellent Casualty team which continues to grow and develop with new underwriters joining from other insurers and importantly by developing our own talent by promoting from within. Our team has the ability to develop solutions for each individual client and to look beyond the norm using a real “can do” mentality. One of the great things about our portfolio is its diversity from individuals and small businesses via Binders and Coverholder arrangements through medium size Primary and Excess policies and right up to large Mutuals and Multinationals.
I joined MSIG in July 2013 to launch the Directors and Officers Liability portfolio (D&O) which whilst MSIG had some existing capabilities and relationships in these products was complimentary to the other Liability & Professional Risks classes which we have continued to enhance as well as looking to provide a specific MSIG Global D&O Offering from Lloyds. I began my insurance career in 1997, entering the D&O world in 1999 as a broker before moving to underwriting at the end of 2007 and have had experience in developing both North American and International Management Liability clients throughout that period and I am looking to draw on those experiences in building out MSIG D&O offering. The appeal of working for MSIG was the challenge of building a truly Global D&O portfolio supported by a Global Insurance Company with its excellent platform and fantastic security, which is so important for clients in long-tail business. We have seen great success with exploiting niche areas and now we are focussing on bringing those niches together through a variety of distribution models into our target territories.
I joined MSIG in Sept 2009. I have been underwriting professional indemnity in the London market since 2002 and have experience in underwriting a broad range of both traditional and emerging professions, with a particular focus on the IT/Technology sector.