Dear Valued Customer

On behalf of the whole team I want to thank you for your custom; nothing is more important to us. We hope to exceed your expectations.

Andrew McKee, Chief Executive Officer
7 Key Principles

At MSIG at Lloyd's we pride ourselves on offering you the best possible solution to your insurance needs, and backing that up with first class service. Our culture is based on seven key principles that every employee is expected to embrace.
  • Always putting the customer first
  • Integrity at all times
  • Respect for our brokers, our customers and our colleagues
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Professionalism
  • Taking a long-term approach
The insurance industry is working hard to improve the service that it offers to customers
Our regulators, the Financial Conduct Authority, the Prudential Regulation Authority as well as Lloyd's of London, have introduced new standards that companies and Lloyd's syndicates are expected to meet. At MSIG we are proud of the service that we offer today but are working hard to improve it further and to be widely known for putting service at the forefront of our offering.
4 main areas
The respective regulations are very detailed but, in practise, it comes down to four main areas where you, the customer, should expect to be treated fairly and enjoy all aspects of your relationship with us.
1. The Insurance Product
Through your broker or intermediary you have been offered the most appropriate insurance product(s) required to meet your individual needs
2. The Customer
Through your broker or intermediary, the product(s) have been sold to the appropriate customer
3. The Sale
Through your broker or intermediary, you have been sold a product, or a number of products in an open and transparent manner, for a fair price
4. The Service
Through your broker or intermediary, claims, enquiries and complaints are handled quickly, fairly and easily
We always strive for good outcomes

...but of course things can and do go wrong sometimes. We treat any complaint very seriously and have a bespoke process in place to try and ensure the matter is dealt with quickly and fairly.

Whistle blowing

We also understand that no matter how robust our systems are, or how strong the desire of the management to ensure best practise, we rely on our staff and third party providers to always do the right thing. Sometimes this doesn't happen and so, as a way to ensure that we always try to do the very best for you the customer, we have introduced a Whistle blowing system for our own staff, brokers and customers to report any financial irregularities, wrongdoings or misdemeanours in a confidential environment.

Whistle blowing

If you are concerned about any issue and you do not feel able to raise the matter with your usual contact(s), we have a dedicated whistle blowing team which can be contacted on:

+44 (0)207 977 8321 

or at the following address:

25 Fenchurch Avenue London, EC3M 5AD

We are very proud of our heritage at MSIG. The roots of the company date back over 400 years and our culture has always put the emphasis on treating our customers with respect and fairness.

Andrew McKee,
Chief Executive Officer