The long-term view...
Our approach
Our partnership approach means we have the knowledge to really understand a client's business. We have the skills and resources to put in place initiatives to help that business grow and prosper over the long-term.
We're not in the business of short termism and perpetual pricing fluctuations.
A long-term perspective is the only way to eliminate the pricing peaks and troughs that so infuriate insurance buyers.
We are structured to empower expert underwriters with authority and autonomy to provide fast decisions.
Our underwriting is genuinely innovative and individually tailored to create specific solutions to meet specific requirements. We have a market leading advantage in that all underwriting authority and decision making resides locally; thus avoiding any delays with head office referrals.
Our award winning Claims service is at the heart of our customer offering.

In a recent independent survey MSIG customers rated their overall satisfaction of the Claims service at 92.3%.
Our Promise
We will always look to find good
outcomes for our customers and
brokers by:

Working closely to devise insurance solutions that meet your needs and requirements
Clearly communicating policy coverage and terms
Dealing effectively and efficiently with all questions
Ensuring that our staff and service providers understand our commitment to treating customers fairly and are familiar with our processes for any expressions of dissatisfaction
Implementing appropriate systems and controls that enable us to monitor our performance
Taking prompt action if we have not acted in line with our policy